G5VZ QSL Cards

Since holding the G5VZ call I have had a number of QSL card designs.

Thumbnail image of SWL report card
SWL Report Card – created before we had a postcode for this address!

Here is the first printed card I ever had – a SWL report card from spring 1968 when I had the RSGB Associate number A5935.

A gummed paper label – these were issued is large quantities by the bureau. I think I received 100 of which I used about twenty in several years. Arthur Milne, G2MI was a major influence in amateur radio in the south east of London, as well as further afield.

I also found in an envelope with the older SWL cards a gummed label for sending cards to the RSGB bureau –

The G5VZ cards show a gradual development of design through homebrew influence, to obviously ‘homemade card’ designs to more recently-adopted retro designs.

As a tradition of ham radio, I like QSL cards to celebrate the old while embracing the new.  Some of the themes for these cards are very much influenced by cards I received back in the sixties, for sure.

They are presented here in more or less reverse chronological order.


Anyway, these are the cards
Thumbnail image of G5VZ QSL from 2021 Thumbnail image of G5VZ QSL card
Thumbnail image of WG5VZ QSL card
US call WG5VZ

After I passed the Technician, General and Extra US exams I was initially given the call AE7FU, having a US address in Washington State at that time.  I wasn’t too enamoured by the call, to be honest.

I went the vanity call route and since about 2010 have held WG5VZ.

Sadly, though, the email address on this card sayd wg5vz@arrl.org when, in fact, it should be at arrl.net.  I alter them by hand on the very few cards I send!