The 2020 shack is quite basic, really.  I have a huge amount of stuff in storage.

Just now (September 2020) the station is to one side of my office work area.

It consists a Sun SDRPro2 transceiver, an amplifier and an LDG 600 autotuner.

The antenna is currently a doublet at about 10m above ground.  I’m considering a linear loaded wire antenna to get on Top Band.

G5VZ - November 2020
G5VZ – Station in November 2020
I am a great fan of Palm Radio keys.  It’s such a shame that they are no longer being made.  The Palm Single is a real favourite!  The tiny Pico keys are great, too.
Palm Single and keyer
Palm Single side-swiper, here alongside an MX‑K2 CW Keyer



J38 key
J38 straight key mounted on an oak base