The 2020 shack is quite basic, really.  I have a huge amount of stuff in storage.

In September 2020 I set up the station to one side of my office work area.It consists a Sun SDRPro2 transceiver, an amplifier and an LDG 600 autotuner.The antenna is currently a doublet at about 10m above ground.  I’m considering a linear loaded wire antenna to get on Top Band.  And, perhaps, an end-fed half wave antenna – but every time I think about rigging it, the weather is dreadful.

G5VZ - November 2020
G5VZ – Station in November 2020
I am a great fan of Palm Radio keys.  It’s such a shame that they are no longer being made.  The Palm Single is a real favourite!  The tiny Pico keys are great, too.
Palm Single and keyer
Palm Single side-swiper, here alongside an MX‑K2 CW Keyer



J38 key
J38 straight key mounted on an oak base
However, on Christmas Eve this white box appeared on my desk…
Packaging of Begali Sculpture Mono Key As it was, I was unable to wait until Christmas morning and opened it then and there.
It took no time at all to adjust the settings and, just to be on the safe side, put a Material 31 ferrite on the lead.

I then enjoyed a very comfortable QSO on 80m with G4LHI, using the key on the air for the first time.

The Palm Single is taking a well-earned rest just now!

Image of Sculpture Mono Key